• Earphones with Wireless Charge
  • Earphones with Wireless Charge
  • Earphones with Wireless Charge
  • Earphones with Wireless Charge

Earphones with Wireless Charge

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The Most Popular Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones on indiegogo!

As a thank you to the indiegogo community for giving us feedback and helping us to perfect the next generation of Pamu earbuds. we wanted to offer you the lowest price! There are also several great referral events you can join and WIN FREE Nintendo Switch (4th round referral program). We are also offering a wireless charging receiver that can upgrade your old micro USB devices to allow for wireless charging.

We've finished our amazing first campaign. PaMu 1.0. and gathered your feedback from over 19.000 backers in 102 countries. With several months of improvements. we are back! Introducing the PaMu Scroll

Compared to our original PaMu 1.0. the new PaMu Scroll upgrades 7 new features:

Bluetooth 5.0; wireless charging; unique scroll design; 4 elegant color options; call audio in both ears; enhanced bass; 23% lighter than PaMu 1.0 . PaMu Scroll will redefine wireless earphones! Our most innovative offering is the wireless charging receiver. which can even upgrade all your old MicroUSB devices to allow wireless charging!

Why Choose Us? We have proven experience!

Our team seeks to provide the world's best quality and most innovative audio equipment alongside industry leaders. such as Bose. Apple and Samsung. How can we make this claim? Our team. PadMate. has worked in the audio industry for over 17 years! We have developed and fabricated for major brands including Monster. Intel. AT&T. Nokia. Softbank. HAMA. Huawei. and Xiaomi etc. Our engineers now develop these innovative audio products for you. and we also own the best factories in the audio industry all over the world! As mentioned in our first campaign. we were experienced with OEM and ODM programs. but now are coming directly to our customers with the dream of developing the best audio devices for you. This is why we can offer an amazingly low price for our Super Early Bird backers. We are keeping this price strategy for our PaMu Scroll campaign as gratitude to our Indiegogo community.

Thanks to over 19.000 indiegogo backers. PaMu 1.0 achieved amazing crowdfunding results. Now PaMu Scroll campaign has more than 22.000 backers. our campaign is going to be the most backers of audio campaign on indiegogo! Let's make the new record together!

PaMu products are so great that many backers just backed us again! Here are some comments of this PaMu Scroll campaign.

With our PaMu brand growing. many celebrities have learned and tried the PaMu Scroll. from top audio brand owners to emerging tech experts. and from musicians to athletes - they all gave the PaMu Scroll two thumbs up and just love the new PaMu Scroll Bluetooth earphones!

Padmate team visited indiegogo headquarter office. The CEO of indiegogo. Mr. Dave Mandelbrot. tried PaMu Scroll and love it very much!

Reviews by Major Medias and Audio Industry Players

I4U News is a top daily News site for latest technology news. breaking science discoveries. They reviewed PaMu 1.0. now thought PaMu Scroll is much better!

9to5 Toys. the top tech and gadget review media gave PaMu Scroll thumb up!

Top runner. cyclist or triathlete Magazine Chicago Athlete reviewed PaMu Scroll in the professional athlete using angle. and they recommend PaMu Scroll.

Padmate won the Best Industry Innovation Accelerator 2018 certified by Intel. PaMu Scroll is one of the best products from Padmate-Intel joint innovation accelerator. Padmate is partnership with many major brands all over the world!

If you joined our first campaign. you already know that we ship out our products even before the campaign ends! The PaMu Scroll earphones are in the production stage and we will be ready to ship these to you very soon! The earlier you back our campaign. the sooner you will receive these very innovative earphones!

Two Ways of Charging

1.Micro-USB Cable Charging (Micro-USB Cable is included in the PaMu package)

2.Wireless charging with PaMu Wireless charging receiver. You can purchase PaMu wireless charging receiver as optional accessory in our perk and connect it right with PaMu Scroll. Then you will get a wireless charging combo! Just put it on your own wireless charging pads/sockets (Not for Sale). and you can charge your PaMu Scroll headphones cable-free!

Audio expert Pirate FM also gave a thumb up to PaMu Scroll! Pirate FM was born in 1992. a top audio station using state-of-the-art audio tech.

The Cross-Eyed Pianist is one of the UKᄀᆵs leading blogs on classical music. The reviewer. Frances Wilson. from Cross-Eyed Pianist is UK top-tier pianist and musician. She gave 100% positive feedback about PaMu Scroll.

PaMu Scroll's big upgrade from Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5.0 offers Higher Speed. Longer Range. and Powerful Sound.

The PaMu Scroll sounds similar to Apple's Airpods. but with deeper bass and crisper highs. which sounds richer and clearer.

Connect to any of your devices that use Bluetooth technology:

1.Android phones. tablets. and other mobile devices

2.Apple iPhone. iPad. Apple Watch. and Macbook

3.Any other devices with Bluetooth technology

Its mini ergonomic design comes with different sized ear tips (S/M/L) to best fit your ears. Simply place the PaMu Scroll and twist into your ears. They will never fall out. even when running. working. exercising . or engaging in any other activities.

Don't worry about hiding the PaMu Scroll when running on a rainy day because the PaMu Scroll has been given an IPX6 rating. This means that the PaMu Scroll can get wet. whether itᄀᆵs a light spray or exposure to heavy rain. They are also dust resistant. which makes them perfect for when riding bikes. ATVᄀᆵs. motorcycles and other powersports vehicles.

Activate Siri through the PaMu Scroll. Two taps lets you talk to Siri without taking your phone out from your pocket.

Never worry about losing power when you go out! Enjoy the PaMu Scroll with non-stop music for up to 3.5 hours on every charge. The portable charging case provides 3 full charges giving you up to 10.5 hours of music. One full charge gives you 5 hours of hands-free calling. 3.5 hours of music. or 100 hours in standby.

PaMu Scroll wireless earphones are not a prototype. It is a product under mass production. we have participated two major exhibitions: IFA Berlin and The 86th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show! Many people and tried PaMu Scroll and they just love PaMu Scroll so much!

With a vision of 'being different to stand out.' we pursue the exquisite appearance at an affordable price. With all the assumption for high quality guarantee. it makes Padmate the leader for quality designs at a smart price! We are committed to providing customers with a better price for better quality.

PaMu 1.0 Community Stories Shares

PaMu users just love our PaMu earphones so much! Many creative backers even shared their stories of PaMu 1.0. Our PaMu community is full of love and creativity!

Previous backers' feedback

Referral Program

Why do we release the referral program? As stated. we would like to promote our brands to more customers. your valuable share and recommendation will be super help. In order to motivate you to share. we provide these very great free rewards. If you join our first campaign and many of our prelaunch giveaway events. you will know we have sent out many FREE rewards!

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1.Is PaMu Scroll wireless receiver included in PaMu Scroll Earphone package? Can it connect to my other devices?

PaMu Scroll wireless receiver is NOT included in PaMu Scroll Earphone package. You have to purchase it as accessory. You can choose the quantity option in our perks. It can connect to any of your devices with micro-USB.

2.Whatᄀᆵs the IP rating of these earphones? Can I take a shower with your earbuds?

Pamu Scroll is supported by IPX6 featuring with powerful water and sweat resistance. which means you get intact PaMu Scroll from water jets at different directions or immerse it in water for 30 minutes as weᄀᆵve proved it. PaMu Scroll IPX6 exempts you from worrying sweat damage on your earbuds while you get aggressive workout or wearing it in shower.so. of course. you can take shower with your earbuds. Let alone the rain drops. doing no harm to them. yet we do not advise you to submerge earbuds in water for a long time. cause it may damage inner component. resulting to weak performance to some extent. In general. if you use them properly. youᄀᆵll find them durable and worn-resistant.

IPX6 is a little highlight of PaMu Scroll. thereᄀᆵre a lot of wonderful things for you to explore. surely will surprise you!!!

3.What version Bluetooth does PaMu Scroll adopt?

Bluetooth 5.0

Compared with Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5.0 gets more advantages in a few aspects.

Bluetooth 5.0 doubles data transmission speed of v4.2. no delay; and it covers much farther distance than v4.2; more importantly. it consumes lower energy and is compatible with previous version. so Bluetooth 5.0 is widely used in medical. body-shaping. outdoors and sport.

All of which means PaMu Scroll Bluetooth 5.0 will be a good company with you when you use it to listen to music. to run or other violent workout. s

4.What type of antenna do you use?

We use LDS. and we chose the only mobile device that uses typical vmlinux. Although the cost of the LDS antenna is higher. it is of better quality. performance. and stability for the Bluetooth connection.

5.Can you hear calls through both earpieces. and can one be used at a time while the other can charge?

When you answer a phone call. both earphones will hear it. s

6.Does it have charging cables and other appendix?

This item includes one pair PaMu Scroll earbuds with a charging case and one charging cable. an instructions book and 3 pair ear-tips of S. M. L size. Thanks!