• Smart Heated Travel Mug
  • Smart Heated Travel Mug
  • Smart Heated Travel Mug
  • Smart Heated Travel Mug

Smart Heated Travel Mug

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If you're a coffee drinker of any variety. then you know that coffee has three temperatures - scalding hot. lukewarm. and freezing cold. It's hardly ever just right. Perhaps you've wondered how to keep your coffee hot without relying on your microwave.

If that's the case. then it's time you get the mug. which keeps your coffee at just the right temperature until the very last drop is gone. (35 - 65℃ or 95 - 150°Fahrenheit)

It is a smart portable heated cup that can keep water or drinks warm and maintain a temperature of anywhere between 35 - 65℃.


The mug has LED display lights and touch technology. It is very simple to use.


The mug has a revolutionary. magnetic. detachable battery that keeps the heating element warm for 5 hours.


There is also a convenient charging coaster with a USB port that can be used in your office or at home. Set the mug on its coaster to keep it fully charged and warm for as long as you need.


Mug's design and sleek appearance makes it great for everywhere-carry. from the home to the office. outdoors and on car.

We developed a patented conductive wireless charging technology that is both convenient and efficient. Just place the mug on the coaster and let the magnets do the work!



The battery module is detachable and can be charged separately or with the cup connected. There are 4 LED indicators. and one cup can be matched with one or more batteries.

Our battery makes use of cutting edge of Lithium-Ion battery technology which can be easily removed and recharged by a standard 12v charger.

When using a standard 4800 mAh battery and set to the optimum 45° Celsius heating level. The mug can keep your beverages warm for up to 5 hours.

It's a smart portable heated cup that can keep water or drinks warm and maintain a temperature of anywhere between 35 - 65℃ or 95 - 150° Fahrenheit. Mug also has LED display lights and touch technology.

Just pick the temperature you prefer by pressing the + or - button and enjoy your coffee at the perfect temperature.

There are two charging positions on the charging base. You can charge one or two batteries together. one battery and the cup. or the cup by itself.


This product comes with a single or double matching coaster that acts as a charger for both mug and detachable battery-the battery holds a charge for about 5 hours-and has a built-in LED light to notify you when your drink is at the optimal temperature or running low on batteries.

Trying to get to your destination a little faster because your coffee is getting cold and you can't risk drinking a moving vehicle? Don't worry. we also developed a convenient coaster that fits into most standard cup holders. powered with the cigarette lighter USB adapter.

Get your ideal beverage temperature for the perfect coffee or tea-drinking experience in 10 minutes.

The body cup has a waterproof design. Detach the battery and drop mug into some hot soapy water to get rid of the acidic coffee residue that remains at the end of the day.

This product has a 360-degree push-to-open lid. No need to rotate the cup to find the source of that delicious coffee. With the on-cup temperature control. your coffee will be just like baby bear's soup: not too hot. and not too cold. but just right.

Mug is made of durable stainless-steel with a FDA food grade reinforced coating.

We are Bruno Lin and Julien Long. the founders of OUI Smart - a company dedicated to delivering sustainable. high-quality tech solutions that improve everyday life - and creators of the game.

We love creating innovative products that improve people's lives and are constantly looking for new technologies that will facilitate the charging of modern devices. We are a young team brought together by a passion for technology. design. engineering. prototyping. and manufacturing.

The production is on the way. We have received all the materials and almost ready for assembling.

Analyst's Choice for innovative products at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

What a great exhibition! We introduced this product to HK Electronics Fair in Hongkong and got the Analyst's Choice in the Exhibition of Global Sources!

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