• The Ultimate Smart Fingerprint Lock
  • The Ultimate Smart Fingerprint Lock

The Ultimate Smart Fingerprint Lock

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Millions of people lose their luggage every year due to low-quality locks. we have used this as inspiration. sparing no effort in the development of a true solution. We spent countless hours researching and evaluating hundreds of traditional locks and smart locks in search of the best possible design. Our answer lies in a combination of the ultimate user-friendly features and safety mechanisms: an advanced fingerprint sensor lock. Its high-speed CPU guaranteesuser convenience; a research-inspired design provides the pinnacle of security.

The Fingerprint Lock is a lightweight. multifunctional fingerprint smart lock. Its portability makes it the perfect option for anything! Use it on front doors. backpacks. luggage. bicycles and much more. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes withknowing that your belongings are safe.

Compared with traditional locks. Bluetooth smart locks and ordinary fingerprint locks. This lock is much safer and more convenient. as itᄀᆵs truly keyless. Competitors have a variety of negative drawbacks:traditional locks have losable keys Bluetooth and password locks can be hacked. and ordinary fingerprint locks have sensors that can easily be tricked.

This lock is designed to protect your belongings. Physical keys and combination codes are redundant. This product is superior to the simple match-and-unlock mechanism on ordinary locks. as access is only allowed through your unique fingerprint.

Unlike Bluetooth smart locks that run on Bluetooth connectivity. This fingerprint lock is operated by independent AI. which drastically reduces the chances of information disclosure.

This lock supports a new kind of capacitive fingerprint sensor: up to 508 DPI which allows to recognize rich fingerprint textures.It only responds to the fingerprints of living people. so fake silicone or gelatin fingerprints will be rejectedby the sensors.

This product uses an integrated stamping method to create a full zinc alloy casing. which prevents brute force from breaking the lock. Its shackle is made of 304 high-strength steel wire. which holds up to 100 kg.

The fingerprint lock is IP65 waterproof. dustproof. and it even worksbetween temperatures of -10��C-45��C. This means that your lock will keep your items safe in the rain. allowing you to enjoy outdoor adventures.

For a device that needs to last. battery strength matters the most. This lock uses a 260mAh built-in battery. which has a tiny energy consumption (0.5��m). allowing for one year of normal use (with more than 5000 times of unlock/lock action) or two years standby on a single charge.

The fingerprint lockᄀᆵs zinc alloy body and high-strength stainless steel wire makes it durable and ready for long-term use. The flexible shackle allows you to lock multiple items together at once.

After one charge. you can unlock it 5000 times.because of the extraordinary CPU. Moreover. the micro USB port provides easy and simple charging when the battery is low.

ᄀᄚWhenever we used to go out for exercise. fitness. swimming. etc.. we would have to bring our traditional keysᄀᆰthis caused a lot of inconvenience. But now. life is much more convenient with a fingerprint sensing lock. It protects our personal belongings and privacy.and with the keys being at our fingertips. opening a lock has never been more convenient.'

Could the fingerprint lock be unlocked without enrolling fingerprints?

It can be unlocked with any fingerprint before enrolling your fingerprints. It can be only unlocked with your fingerprints once enrolling your fingerprints.

Does the fingerprint lock need to be charged?

The indicator light will flickers when in low battery. turns red when it is charging and turns off when it is fully charged.

How to unlock the fingerprint lock?

Put your finger on the scanner and pull off the wire.

How to enroll my fingerprints?

Press the side 'set'button. put your finger on the scanner and enroll 10 times. It makes a long beep when the fingerprints are enrolled successfully.

Does the wire easily break?

The wire is made of high-strength stainless steel so that you can use it care-free.